Cone Beam CT Scanner

The Cone Beam CT Scanner captures 3D images of the oral anatomy of patients that Dr. Wolf can then utilize when determining treatment options, especially those involving dental implants procedures or requiring oral surgery.

The CT scanner provides cross-sectional images of any anatomical feature in the upper or lower jaws. This feature provides Dr. Wolf with exact anatomical structural information, which includes structural layouts and locations. This revolutionary technology ensures that Dr. Wolf has the most detailed information that can be obtained regarding his patients dental and surgical needs.
The Cone Beam CT Scanner also captures three-dimensional images which assist Dr. Wolf and his team in deciding whether or not bone grafting or sinus lifts are warranted in areas where there is not enough bone mass to support dental implants.

The Cone Beam CT Scanner is also useful in determining the precise positions of existing teeth so Dr. Wolf can plan for the dental implants placement in the alveolar bone, their interaction with adjacent teeth, and their distance from vital structures such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.