Fluoride Application

A mineral compound that occurs naturally, fluoride is found in soil and water, as well as some food and beverages. Fluoride is known to be a safe and effective way to prevent and combat tooth decay. When it comes in contact with teeth, it protects the teeth in two ways:

  1. Prevents demineralization – fluoride strengthens the whole surface of the tooth so that it becomes more resistant to acid attacks from bacteria found in plaque. The acid produced by these bacteria erodes tooth enamel, damaging and weakening the tooth.
  2. Promotes remineralization – fluoride accumulates in areas that have been demineralized and reinforces the enamel by adding minerals such as calcium. This ensures that tooth decay is halted in its early stages, before the formation of cavities.

We help you increase fluoride protection by providing topical fluorides in appropriate doses. Personal oral hygiene products containing fluoride include toothpastes and mouth rinses. These can be taken home for daily use.

We also offer professionally applied topical fluorides such as foams, gels, and varnishes, which can be administered in our clinic. These agents replenish the optimal levels of fluoride in the tooth enamel and are especially effective for patients with a high risk of dental caries.