Mouthguards for Sports

Sport-mouth guard-4The most typical reasons for dental injury are usually caused by sports and recreation accidents. Each and every year, more than 5 million teeth are knocked out through sports activities. Though this number is astonishing, an extra 200,000 dental injuries are avoided annually as a result of utilization of PlaySafe® sports mouthguards (as revealed by the American Dental Association). The National Athletic Trainers’ Association’ newsletter, NATA News, along with the American Dental Association declare that sports athletes are seven times more prone to experience an orofacial injury if they don’t put on mouth protection. If you are currently involved with sports and recreation where contact to the face is a possibility, you should make use of a correctly fitted mouthguard to protect your teeth.

Custom Laminated Mouthguards

Custom laminated mouthguards (CLMs) are created by a dentist by taking an impression and making a plaster design of your teeth.
Tests carried out in Germany reveal that:

  • CLMs can offer up to 1000% additional protection as compared with boil and bite mouthguards.
  • CLMs can provide 400% to 500% additional protection than a standard mouthguard made by the typical vacuum process.

Four degrees of protection are offered:

  • Light protection mouthguards are soft and flexible. These are for low-impact sporting activities including mountain biking and volleyball.
  • Medium protection mouthguards are all-purpose and designed for almost all club sports (e.g., basketball, baseball, soccer, and rugby).
  • Heavy protection mouthguards are recommended for serious contact sports which include boxing and martial arts. Quite possibly the most efficient heavy duty mouthguard is the PlaySafe® Heavy, which includes exclusive integrated impact dispersion bands.
  • Extra heavy protection mouthguards are for the most intense impact sports including kickboxing and sports activities requiring close-contact utilization of racquets and sticks.